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Natural Resources

Integrated GPS feature provides a positioning system for users to plot all data onto a mapping system in real time. Pipe lines in the oil & gas industry can be monitored and identified through GPS mapping capabilities as well as the on site CAD & GIS capability to allow instant access to information in the mining or forestry industries. Whether you are performing maintenance tasks or managing problems that occur in the field, when information needs to be collected and sent back to a central location quickly and reliably, tablets and handhelds are extremely effective.


The devices in our range offer water and dust protection, other features that are key to Oil & Gas, Mining and Forestry industries; Atex ratings for explosive environments, high accuracy GPS, 3G for real time data, ability to submerse product in water, camera for recording information, RFID and Barcode scanning for identifying products in the field.




Field Data Collection

Identification in Field

Maintenance and Repair

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